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Food and Travel in Aruba

Looking for some bon kuminda in Aruba during your next trip? Well, look no further! Bon kuminda, or ‘good food’ in the local Papiamento language, can be found everywhere you look on the beautiful island of Aruba. From top to bottom and shore to shore this little country has been blessed with an abundance of culture, history and delicious cuisine from around the world. Experience the food and travel in Aruba!

Traveling to and around Aruba is a vacation experience you won’t soon forget. From stunning beaches to peaceful porches, long hiking trails and bustling urban nightlife you will have the chance to experience the best of the Caribbean when you visit Aruba. A hospitable, laid back island with an international flair visitors can find Spanish delicacies one night to go along with a salsa dance lesson and find local treats like arepa or bolita de keshi the next time you’re out and about.

The local foods of Aruba pair excellently with the days’ of adventures you’re sure to have when you visit. Adrenaline junkies have their pick of many adventures around the island including surfing, kite boarding, parasailing, scuba diving on abandoned shipwrecks, and much more. All that activity deserves great food which puts visitors in the prime position to taste and love Aruba’s finest seafood delicacies, served on heaping platters at restaurants where you can literally dine on the beach, sand in your toes and all!

For quieter days head to any of Aruba’s pristine white sand beaches, which are free to the public. See the island from the top of the California Lighthouse which might seem like an arduous climb, but the view from the top is more than worth it! Stop by for Dutch inspired cooking creations which will fill you up for a leisurely afternoon of hiking around Arikok National Park and enjoying the many kinds of flora and fauna that call the island of Aruba home.

Aruba’s nightlife is unparalleled in the Caribbean. What starts as a warm, sunny day turns into a balmy, busy night as the streets come alive with locals and travelers looking to make memories. The drinks at many bars and restaurants in Aruba are known for being strong, colorful, and delicious! Don’t be afraid to try some of the local beverages and see the island in a whole new light. From live music hours to comedy clubs, nightclubs and more there is something for everyone when it comes to activities at night around the island.

Food and travel go hand in hand. No matter where you travel around the world you will always be seeing something new and eating something that hopefully is tasty! Trying new things can be scary, but can help you expand your world in many different ways.

From exploring the tide pools on the wild side of the island to dining on locally caught seafood that night, the places you visit in Aruba tell a story that is mirrored in the many choices and quality of the food you find here. Enjoy!

New Boutique Hotel and Restaurant

Great Yarmouth in Norfolk has seen many recent changes, turning the tide for this popular seaside town. Great Yarmouth hotel accommodation and restaurants alike will have to undergo a drastic change if Great Yarmouth is to be ready to meet the challenges of a new outer harbour and successful regeneration project.

“Fast Food”

One new business venture that has grasped these changes is a recently transformed Victorian property into a contemporary urbane restaurant, The Lounge, with 5 star awarded boutique bedrooms, Andover House. The guests can look forward to an evening of relaxation, fine food, wines and champagnes in the luxurious surroundings of the Rosette awarded restaurant.

Word of mouth from the local residents of Great Yarmouth and deeper into the heart of Norfolk has been spreading fast about the exquisite a la carte menu served in The Lounge, wine bar & restaurant. Head Chef, Patrick Moore is highly creative with an impressive London background from well know venues – Nobu in Hyde Park Corner, Millennium Hotel in Knightsbridge and Cocoon Restaurant in Regents Street. Each dish he presents proudly supports locally sourced British food and ingredients of the highest quality. The menu is described as modern British cuisine with a twist – the twist being influenced by Asian or Classical French recipes.

The restored great yarmouth hotel boasts 16 beautifully furnished bedrooms, 2 romantic four poster rooms and 4 suites with open-plan lounge and kitchen areas. Original wood flooring, Victorian fireplaces, the grand double staircase and hand pressed cornices have all be lovingly restored by the property development team, Norfolk Coast Developments Ltd.

Research suggests that a growing number of professional people will become temporary Great Yarmouth residents while working on projects in the town.

Andover House also boasts a large, contemporary events and business meeting space. Every detail was accounted for during the renovation process so The Cellar has state of the art sound and lighting systems which can instantly change the atmosphere from that of a business meeting to one suitable for a wedding reception, charity fundraiser, business breakfast, private lunch or dinner. It can cater for parties from 10 – 100 guests, with its own cellar bar and boardroom.

How Healthy Food and Weight Loss

If you desire to lose weight; then your first priority is to condition your mind to eat healthy food because weight loss is synonymous with healthy dieting.

We live in world where traditional foods are considered to be McDonald’s and Jack-in-the-Box; however, healthy weight loss programs can never be successful as long as these culprits are a part of our eating regimen. We condition our children to eat at these places and they condition theirs, and before we know it we’re living amongst a whole generation of overweight or obese people. It’s no wonder the obesity rate is at an all time high; nonetheless, this chain of events will not change until we change our eating habits. Weight loss cannot be accomplished if we don’t first change our thinking, which will eventually translate into better and healthy eating habits.

Healthy food and weight loss is like a stable marriage, one spouse compliments the other. In a good marriage spouses watch one another and should critique each other on good and bad habits including eating habits. All too often one spouse will allow another spouse to “indulge into a bulge” and this has cause divorces, separation as well as mental and physical abuse in relationships, all because of poor eating habits.

We have to seriously watch what we eat by knowing what foods are causing the love handles, bulges and excessive fat. Knowing is only half the battle but refraining from fast food restaurants, preprocessed foods and trans-fats are battles within themselves. All of these foods have the potential to cause negative effects in your weight and overall health. If healthy food and weight loss is going to be a part of our lives then refraining from the things we know are causing harm to our body has to be a practice and custom of ours.

Let’s take in consideration the effects in which a steady diet of fast food restaurants has upon our health and the health of our children. It goes without saying, that healthy food and weight loss goes hand in hand and if we’re not willing to refrain from fast food restaurants on a consistent basis then we put ourselves and our children at risk for some very serious problems in the present and distant future.

It’s should be no surprise to us that fast food restaurants have a stranglehold upon the necks of our youth nor should it be a surprise that weight gain and Type 2 diabetes is now becoming more prevalent in our youth. The reason for this is the excessive amounts of calories in fast food which also leads to a high concentration of refined fats and sugar; not to mention, the use of oils (hydrogenated) that are repeatedly reheated for preparing processed foods, have a crippling effect upon our blood vessels. This is a major problem not only during our youthful years but the effect worsens over the course of years and becomes responsible for various health issues because we choose not to eat healthy food for weight loss and overall good health.

Food and Drink Are All Part of the Local

Restaurants in Norwich and those spread in the small market towns, coastal resorts or villages further afield in the county, pride themselves on the quality of the cuisine served on their menus, fresh, seasonal, food is a key factor, whether that is vegetables and salads, locally-reared meat and poultry, seafood and shellfish from off the Norfolk coastline, or even the tantalising selection of cheeses that are produced in the county.

Every major Norwich restaurant will have a well-known chef in the kitchen producing an innovative menu and often with a delightful signature dish. Several popular restaurants are tucked away in the fascinating medieval backstreets of the city, or in historic buildings that have charm, character and individuality.

You can also guarantee that they will have a well-stocked wine cellar and red, white and rose wines carefully selected to dovetail with the menus and meet the tastes of their diners.

With several well-known chefs linked with a number of wedding venues in Norfolk, the quality of this food and drink is available to those hosting wedding ceremonies, when choosing a Norfolk wedding venue, the menu for the wedding breakfast is a critical component and whether the celebration is for an intimate group of friends or a large family gathering, the food is paramount.

Fine dining, for whatever occasion or event, is important in Norfolk and there is pride across the county in serving the finest local cuisine, fresh and seasonal, in a manner that represents Norfolk and reflects on the ambience and atmosphere of the county, many guests may have travelled some distance to Norfolk to join the celebrations and if they stay on for a few days, there is much to occupy them long after the bride and groom have jetted off on their honeymoon.