Food and Cooking

We can never live without food. Some peoples have much food and some others have only some food, but it is always around when one needs it. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the main squares, are what we always have daily. We can also have them in restaurants if we want to.
There are fancy restaurants which serve expensive and not-so-big dishes and wines. They remind me of a movie about a cartoon rat who loves cooking all the time. There are also bars that obviously serve liquor and appetizers. Foreign restaurants, like Mexican, Chinese, and Italian, that serve their own dishes people love all the time. Finally there are fast food restaurants that serve famously named food and people love it all their lives.

Dishes and meals can take a lot of know-how, work, and time to prepare. The quality of a dish depends on the recipe, ingredients chosen, and precise timing so if it is done wrong, the dish is considered a bad one by the taste and appearance. For some eateries, the look may not matter, the costly ones focus on both look and taste. The fancy restaurants want to make their dishes perfect and flawless, which is kind of snobby in my opinion.

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