Food and Souvenir

Among most of the centers of economic and religious significance in India, Bhubaneshwar comes well recommended, and for very good reasons. Travelers point to the many amazing sights and things to do in this spectacular city situated in the south-west of Mahanandi River. For visitors exploring India, Bhubaneshwar never ceases to amaze. When one refers about Bhubaneshwar, it comes across as an exciting and beautiful city, which always reminds people of its history that goes back more than 2000 years. With over 600 temples to magnificent sculptures and architectural heritage, the handicrafts, the shopping finds, people, and extraordinary food, Bhubaneshwar offers no dull moment for the curious and adventuresome traveler. There are a lot of things to mention about Bhubaneshwar. In a compact way Bhubaneshwar could be described as holy, natural, and a very intense place.

The mouth-watering delicacies of various parts of India will surely keep you glued to Bhubaneshwar. These recipes are served at most of the hotels and restaurants in Bhubaneshwar and there is something for everyone on the platter that will match the taste of the individual. Chenapoda, rasbali, chenajhilli and various other sweets that are originated in Orissa as well as traditional Oriya food, such as dalma and pakhal are sold mostly in the restaurants in Bhubaneshwar. Excellent foods, excellent atmosphere, and some of the finest dining establishments in the country, restaurants in Bhubaneshwar just can’t be missed.

Bhubaneshwar is a wonderland for shoppers because shopping in Bhubaneshwar is real fun. While shopping in Bhubaneshwar, you will find both small unique shops offering you things that you will not find in shops of any other big city and big super markets, offering big brands. Imagine getting all the exclusive handicrafts and souvenirs such as silver filigree, stone and wood statuette, patta paintings, tie and dye fabrics, bamboo basketry, brass and bell metal work, horn work, and many other special handicrafts of Orissa and neighboring states, from the local centers of shopping in Bhubaneshwar. The décor of your home interiors will surely exhibit grandeur with the display of these items.

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