Holidays With Fine Food and Wine

The wealth of free time, without the usual day-to-day tasks and constraints make holidays the perfect time to indulge in hobbies and pastimes. Some may take the chance to visit producers of local artwork and many will satisfy their taste buds with a visit to a vineyard or a high quality restaurant and shoping.

There are now a number of top class restaurants on Mallorca, several owning prestigious Michelin stars. There are plenty of people willing to dine at these places, with Mallorca having attracted many wealthy, and famous, people to purchase properties on the island. Some of the award-winning restaurants are based in hotel complexes such as the Plat D’Or which can be found in the Sheraton Mallorca – Arabella Golf Hotel near Son Vida to the west of the Palma suburbs. Another restaurant is situated in the pretty streets of Deia, one of the most attractive towns on Mallorca. The Restaurante Es Raco des Teix is now the only restaurant on Mallorca with two Michelin stars. As well as superb food the restaurant also offers outdoor dining with amazing views over the surrounding countryside.

Marc Fosh previously ran the Bacchus restaurant at the Reads Hotel on Mallorca but this Englishman now runs his own brace of restaurants, the Tasca de Blanquerna and the smaller Simply Fosh, both in Palma.

On the northern side of the island in Puerte Pollenca, Bar Restaurante Tolo’s creates what some describe as the best pizzas on Mallorca. The establishment is certainly well run, has welcoming staff and an enviable position right on the beach-front of this attractive resort.

Mallorca not only has a great choice of restaurants, but is also building up a reputation as a well respected wine producer. It is the island’s “terroir” or in layman’s terms, the quality of the earth where vines are grown, that makes the vineyards on Mallorca more interesting to wine buffs. Wine producers are always looking for new locations that can offer ideal conditions for the crops they want to grow. Southern England has seen Champagne producers investing in certain areas that have almost identical weather and soil conditions to the famous countryside around Reims. They may not be able to call their production Champagne, but because they use exactly the same production techniques, with state-of-the-art equipment, some English producers are gaining many awards for their sparkling wines. The native grape varieties grown on Mallorca include all the main popular names like Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay, but some less well known varieties fare better and produce great wines nonetheless. More local varieties include Prensal Blanc and, for red wines, Mantonegro and Callet.

There are now said to be other 300 different wines produced on Mallorca with vineyards like the Jaume Mesquida winery and the Son Prim family winery in Sencelles both well known. The Bodegas Can Ribas near Consell offers the opportunity for visitors to come and see how the wines are made and sample the new vintages.

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